If you ever wondered where your dues go, this diagram should help. The board of directors tries their best to make fiscally responsible decisions about our spend and budget, while prioritizing and solving community needs that are in the best interest of all community residents. We welcome constructive dialogue and are always open to ideas - please email board@waggonerpark.com com with any questions. We're happy to help.
Key Fobs
Access to the pools and fitness centers are secured via NEW electronic key fobs.  To access the facilities, you must wave your key fob in front of the pad.  The light will flash green and you will be granted access. If the light flashes a red and green, there may be an issue with your key fob or your access. Please contact the management company for assistance.

In the event that your key fob does not appear to work, please e-mail the board of directors at board@waggonerpark.com or the management company with the number printed on your key fob, your address, and your phone number.  Someone will verify your information and assist you.
Garbage and Recycling
The community has three trash compactors located throughout the community.  In the event that one of the compactors is not working properly, please take your trash to one of the other compactors.  If trash gets piled outside of the compactor, we have to pay to have these items cleaned up.

For items that are too large to fit in the compactors, there is a bulk trash area located about halfway down Preswicke Mill. Please refer to the announcement on the front of the site for information on what can and cannot go into the bulk trash area. This is very important because the City of Columbus will not pick up anything from the bulk trash area if there are items in there that should not be there.  This is especially important because the cost to rent a dumpster and pay to clean the bulk area out is extremely expensive and not budgeted for.

If you happen to see anybody from outside of the community putting anything into the bulk trash area, please let our property manager know.  License plates for cars are especially helpful.

As of right now, the community does not have any recycling dumpsters on-site.  If you recycle, the nearest recycling drop off location is the fire station on McNaughten Road.  For additional information, please refer to the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio's web site.