Status on NEP

As you may be aware, we have been researching other electric/water provider alternatives and have reviewed our contract with the current provider, Nationwide Energy Partners (NEP).  However, this is not as simple as asking another provider to begin providing the service, as there are many details that have to be resolved and coordinated so that services are not interrupted for any of our residents.

For example:

1.        The infrastructure (the meters, transformers and the electric cable) belongs to Waggoner Park, so potential providers are wary.  They did not install the infrastructure, and, therefore, do not know if it is up to their standards.

2.       AEP has actually asked us to turn over our infrastructure to them as an incentive to provide the service.  They have no interest in buying it.  Our attorneys would certainly have to play a key role in any such decision since this is a considerable asset.

3.       AEP owns the master meter box.  They currently read our main meter and send the total bill to NEP, who then has to break out the charges.  If we were to use another provider, we would have to have a sub-meter company read the meters.  So, we are researching sub-meter companies to see what those charges would entail.

4.       AEP only provides electric service; we would also have to arrange for the water/sewage service.

5.       The current contract says that NEP may remove the electric meters.  While that may be negotiable, they may or may not be willing to allow us to keep the meters.

6.       The contract also stipulates that we have to give NEP written notice if we terminate the contract, which would require absolute coordination of all other aspects and precise timing on our part.

7.       Once all the research is completed, we will then have to make the decision as to what supplier and sub-meter companies to use for both electric and water/sewage, and determine, based on sub-meter reading charges, if that will save us anything in the long run as those charges would have to be equally distributed among residents.

8.       All of this will require meticulous coordination between all parties to ensure that no resident’s service is interrupted.

9.       AEP has told us that it could take several months to make a switch if that is the end decision, since they would need to create individual accounts for each resident.

This is not merely a matter of flipping a switch.  It has taken considerable effort and research to date to get this far in the process, but we diligently continue to work on it.

Status of Construction Work

As of January 9th, here’s the progress update on the construction work in our community.  RCI ran into problems with 16 buildings that needed to have foundations added under the pre-cast steps when work began in April.  The foundations needed to be tied into the existing footers, but that was not possible since there was not an adequate foundation originally placed.  The solution was to install a bracket under the existing footer and secure it to the building foundation wall.  While waiting for approval on this install, RCI has continued to work on completing the footers.  Even though the concrete work is now finished on those buildings, the bracket will still need to be installed and final inspections made.  RCI plans to work on the buildings throughout the winter, as long as weather permits.

60% of the railings are installed on the buildings and RCI continues to work on the rest.  To get final inspections for buildings, all brackets and railings need to be installed per code.  New caps have been approved on those buildings where they are cracked or broken; the construction company has their supplier working on making the caps now and expect to begin receiving them this week.  They can begin install when the caps are received, if weather permits.
We are phasing in the cap replacement beginning with the buildings where the concrete work has been completed.  Concrete, faux stone, and stone caps all require certain temperatures for install so that the finished product is installed as it should be and with lasting results.  Therefore, the majority of the work will have to be completed in the spring.

There are still approximately 156 units out of 632 that need concrete work completed, and this will start in the spring.  RCI plans on having the work completed in the summer, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

The Board thanks you all for your patience as we work to get this construction completed. 
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